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him to study everything around him. Observation yielded knowledge and understanding. Knowledge and understanding were necessary to use the tech wisely.

While he felt fairly adept at observing most phenomena and drawing scientific conclusions, he had trouble understanding intelligent beings. Their motivations and feelings were often impenetrable mysteries.

Circe was speaking to Blaylock. She had conjured a schematic in the air between them, and as she pointed to different areas, she looked to see his reaction, apparently anxious for his approval. Blaylock, on the other hand, betrayed no emotion, wearing a fixed, dour expression. Galen couldn't tell if he approved or disapproved of what she said.

Beyond them stood Kell, with his apprentices Elizar and Razeel. Though he spoke softly in a gallery filled with talk, his masterful voice sent a deep vibration through the space. Kell's large frame and precisely formulated gestures embodied power and control. With his dark skin and brilliant white goatee scoured into the shape of the rune for knowledge, he presented a dramatic figure. His accomplishments over his long life were legendary, particularly his feeding of the drought victims on Viscus 4 and his great deception of the Drazi.

Galen had never yet said a word to Kell, though he had sensed the mage, at previous convocations, watching him. He supposed Kell had to take an interest in all of them. Elric and Alwyn had discussed Kell's increasing age with concern, but Galen thought Kell was still the best of them.

Elizar and Razeel were now receiving Kell's wisdom, the wisdom of Wierden, which Galen envied when he thought about it. But he wouldn't have traded Elric for any other teacher. Besides, he wasn't cut out to be a leader, which was what Kell's apprentice needed
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