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his teacher present. He wouldn't know what the spell did until tomorrow.

At least he thought the spell was original; not only original in the sense of something that hadn't been done before-as far as he knew-but also in the sense of being the origin of the progression, something fundamental to the powers of the techno-mages, a basic postulate.

Elric would have to acknowledge that, even if the attempt to conjure it was foolish.

Yet Galen didn't see how the spell could do what Elric expected-reveal, express, and complete him. The spell had not developed out of some fancy. It had been deduced through simple, objective logic. Perhaps his spell language was too mechanical to reveal anything about him. Galen knew it was limited, knew he was limited. He wished, for Elric's sake, that he could have been a better apprentice.

In any event, he had tried elaborate complications; the tribute to Wierden had failed to satisfy Elric's requirements. Galen could think of no other option.

Chapter 3

Galen woke to find the chrysalis in its canister on his table. It hung motionless in the clear liquid, translucent silvery skin catching the sunlight. He crouched before it. This would be the last time he would wear it. He had never been allowed to wear it outside Elric's presence, but now, for the last day and night before initiation, he was to wear it to symbolize his status. It would be removed by Elric tomorrow morning, at the ceremony. Today was a day of fasting and preparation.

Galen realized with alarm that he had overslept. He had much work to do, and his training session with Elric came first. He dressed quickly in a light black robe and boots. He put a sensor-pad in his pocket-in case he found anything to study. Then he opened the canister.

Usually Elric
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