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and the Code were enough.

"The blessing of Wierden upon you," Blaylock said, bowing. The words were echoed by his apprentice, Gowen.

"Welcome, Blaylock. I trust the surroundings are not attractive enough to cause distress."

"It's less the place that will cause distress, I think, than the people," Blaylock said.

"If only we could close our eyes and make them go away," Elric said.

"I await your instruction on that matter." Blaylock bowed and withdrew, his apprentice quickly following.

A stream of mages followed. Djadjamonkh floated through the air with crossed legs, the ends of his turban dancing above his head like snakes. Maskelyne changed faces and bodies every few seconds, conjuring full-body illusions that disguised her true appearance. A group of Blaylock's followers came in an orderly, solemn procession. Circe, in a tall, pointed hat, presented Elric with a new variety of microelectronic probe that she would be offering to the mages, and invited him to her talk on the subject. She seemed intent on explaining the improvements she had made, though this was clearly not the time for extended conversation.

The Kinetic Grimlis appeared in a flash of lightning, wearing glowing purple tunics and long white feather capes. They were the only long-standing group within the techno-mages. Since Elric had last seen them, several of their members had quit in disputes, and new members had joined. One of them jumped into the air and performed a succession of somersaults, continuing over the top of the tents and out of sight. The others launched into a dizzying series of acrobatics. The Grimlis made the ships used by all the mages. They were motion crazy but brilliant. After the initiation, they would give the new initiates their ships and train them in their operation.
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