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as possible. In front of them, he limited himself to just a handful of spells. He said he didn't want them to fear him or worship him.

As it was, they considered him a wise man and turned to him to settle disputes. And at times of celebration, they enjoyed his ability to entertain with delightful illusions.

Holding back in the presence of the Soom was the one issue on which Galen disagreed with Elric. Elric had spent his entire life developing and perfecting his powers. Why not use them? And why not let the people respect him for what he was? Not only a techno-mage, but one of the great Circle.

"We will hurry," Elric said, starting for town.

"I must come! I must come!" Fa cried.

"You can run all that distance?" Elric asked.

Galen knew what was coming.

Fa turned to him, raising her arms. "Gale could carry me."

"Galen will carry you," Elric said, his stern face preempting any argument. He took the canister from Galen.

Fa leapt onto Galen, locking her arms and legs around him so he could hardly breathe. She was growing too big to be carried. Elric began to run across the lime green carpet of moss. Galen followed.

"How was your training?" Fa asked, her head bouncing against his ear, the white hair tickling his skin. "Did you show him the lights of Wierden? Did he like them?"

"He said to work harder." Galen felt foolish; he couldn't keep the disappointment out of his voice.

Fa licked his cheek, and he jerked his head away in irritation. "He loves you, Gale. He wants you to learn well."

"I know," Galen said. She didn't understand. He didn't think he could do what Elric asked.

"You'll do better tomorrow."

Galen nodded. He adjusted his grip, pressing her more tightly to him, and they ran through the mist.

* * *

"I warned
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