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to protect her modesty. When it happens, it will happen because she chooses it to, not like this.

"Something wrong?" The speaker was Quijana's son. "Does she look okay?"

"Yes ... yes, she looks magnificent."

"Good. Took a lot of work, you know. I think we got her memory to right where you wanted, give or take." He produced a release form. "Sign here."

Marcus signed where indicated.

"Bring your ship around back, we'll pop her and load her up for you."

"I'd like her dressed first," Marcus said. "I've brought some clothes."

Quijana Junior shrugged. "Suit yourself," he said, and went off to comply. Marcus waited until he was gone, then looked again at her face. God, how he loved her.

"Hello, Susan," he thought.

"It's been a long time."

Marcus finished unloading the last of their supplies, hesitated briefly, then pushed the button that detonated the explosives he had placed strategically in and around the small flyer. It pained him to see the old ship go, knowing it had waited patiently in storage for his return, but it was necessary. It had to look as if they had been shot down.

As the smoke rose into the clear blue sky, Marcus surveyed the area around him. He had stumbled across Chryn III while he and his brother had been on a survey job, long ago. It was unpopulated, well off the trade routes, and offered little in the way of precious minerals, nothing worth the time and effort to dig out.

But it was the most lovely world he had ever visited. In the temperate zone, lush fruit trees bent low under the weight of delicacies that contained a thousand different tastes. The air was generally close to skin temperature in this region, and water was untainted by chemicals. The nearest Earth comparison would be Maui.

Space contained any number
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