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to him they represented actions and properties, and if he could form an image in his mind of a particular equation, he could conjure the thing it represented.

Like most spells, this one had many terms: several to generate a pinkish translucent sphere three inches across, another to generate energy within it, yet more to give that energy the appearance of a delicate flame. He'd done this one many times.

Taking a deep breath, he imagined his mind as a blank screen, visualized the equation written upon it. The chrysalis, fastened to his head and spine, acknowledged the equation by echoing it back to him. Galen opened his eyes. The ball of energy floated in front of him.

"Around the hall," Elric ordered from behind him, gripping the tail-like section of the chrysalis that ran down his spine.

His teacher's voice, deep and rich, carried a power that had at first intimidated Galen. Later, when Elric taught him the techno-mage techniques of voice modulation, Elric's voice and the skill with which he used it amazed Galen. By extending certain sounds, pausing at specific places, and modulating his intonation to almost hypnotic effect, everything he said took on heightened power and importance.

Holding the image of the original equation firmly in his mind's eye, Galen added another, a spell for movement. One equation took the ball of energy from the center of the modest training hall, where it hovered before him, to the hall's stone wall. Another equation sent the ball into a circular course around the hall. The ball circulated a few feet below the thatched ceiling, where several of Elric's light globes floated for illumination.

"A second ball," Elric commanded.

Holding the original equation and the equation for circular movement in his mind's eye, Galen conjured
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