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most of the planet's inhabitants had little technology, two lived among them and served as guardians, two fabulists, who would detect his presence if he went too close.

Soon more would come as the fabulists gathered for their assemblage. Long had Kosh watched them, for three hundred and thirty and three such assemblages. He had watched as different races had become dominant within the group, the most recent being Humans. He had watched as the fabulists gradually transformed from anarchy to order. They had achieved some admirable goals, had created fleeting moments of great beauty.

But now the universe was gathering itself for a great conflagration. The forces of chaos had returned to their ancient home and had begun to build their resources for war. The Vorlons, Kosh among them, likewise prepared. The fabulists did not know the danger of their position. They carried great power. They could be the pivot on which the great war turned.

Many among the Vorlons thought the time for action was now. They did not trust the fabulists. Yet Kosh felt they must watch just a while longer. The fabulists faced a difficult decision, and they should be allowed to make it. If they chose wrongly, then they would die. But let them first choose. Great power carried both great danger and great possibility.

Kosh altered the ship's song, directing the ship to extrude several buoys, which would take up positions around the planet and observe it. Then he would return to Babylon 5. And he would watch this one, last assemblage.

* * *

Galen closed his eyes and focused on the equation. He thought of all his spells as equations, though they weren't anything like traditional scientific ones. The terms of his equations were complex and bizarre, impenetrable and irreducible. Yet
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