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experts, who generously shared their incredible store of knowledge with me: Karen Hayes, K. Waldo Ricke, Merryl Gross, Don Kinney, Alec Ecyler, Penny Rothkopf, William (Pete) Pettit, John Donigan, Patricia Jackson, Marty Gingras, Allen Wilkins, Terry Jones, Bill Hartman, Michael A. Burstein, and Nomi Burstein.

Thanks to all the people who read pieces of this book in manuscript form and gave invaluable feedback: Laurie and Mike Hilyard, Keith Demanche, Barnaby Rapoport, Susan Shell Winston, Jo Ann Forgit, Martha Adams, Stephen Chambers, Marty Hiller, Troy Ehlers, Elaine Isaak, Margo Cavelos, David Lowrey, George Williams, and Roxanne Hutton.

Thanks to my research assistant, Keith Maxwell, for finding exactly what I needed exactly when I needed it.

Thanks to James George Frazer and Orson Scott Card for saying things worthy of a techno-mage, and to James Randi.

Thanks to Ben Dibble for the loan of a laptop, without which this book wouldn't have gotten finished in time.

Thanks to Mark Purington, Sue Gagnon, and the rest of the staff at Saint Anselm College's Geisel Library.

A special thanks to my husband, Michael Flint, for his unending help and understanding, and for telling me of the lonely command of Confederate General Cadmus Wilcox, who held his own against superior forces at Chancellorsville.

And in the "No thanks" department, a dishonorable mention to Igmoe, my iguana, whose constant attempts to mate with me throughout the writing of this book were enough to drive me to distraction, though they did keep the days exciting. And I was flattered. I do love you, Igmoe, just not in that way.


"Many a man has seen himself first in a dream."


November 2258

Chapter 1

Soon the war would come.

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