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.. Ms. Cavelos does a wonderful job of deepening the layers of the Babylon 5 universe... A highly enjoyable reading experience with a powerful and chilling ending. Best of the B5 media novels."

-The Zocalo

* * *

"One of the best TV tie-in novels ever written."

-Dreamwatch magazine

* * *

"Most satisfying... [I] devoured this flashback book (which takes place before the first episode) cover to cover. The plot involves realistic political intrigue, a sparkling interstellar mystery and a sense of doom so thick you can smell it on the pages, still, the sharply defined characters display so much wit, intelligence and warmth that you root for them to change history anyway... This is no by-the-numbers knockoff... Perhaps the best TV tie-in novel ever."

-Captain Comics, The Sunday Telegraph

* * *

To Leo F. Ferris who first showed me magic


Thanks very much to J. Michael Straczynski for again allowing me to come and play in his fascinating universe. Thanks also to Fiona Avery at Babylonian Productions for helping me remain consistent with that universe, and to Skye Herzog and Paula Allen at Warner Bros.

Thanks to my editor, Steve Saffel, for all his support, and to my agent, Lori Perkins, for her tireless efforts.

Grateful thanks to my group of science experts, who applied their genius and expertise to bizarre and complex questions: Tom Thatcher, Dr. Charles Lurio, Dr. Korey Moeller, M. Mitchell Marmel, Dr. Stuart Penn, Dr. Dennis C. Hwang, Bruce Goatly, Megan Gentry, Dr. David Loffredo, Jim Batka, Dr. Gary Day, Elizabeth Bartosz, Dr. Stephanie Ross, Reed Riddle, Dr. Michael Blumlein, Beth Dibble, Dr. Gail Dolbear, Dr. John Schilling, Britta Serog, and Dr. Paul Viscuso.

Thanks to my group of Babylon 5
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