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should I? It means they're happy. After what the Vorlons put them through, they deserve whatever happiness comes their way. You'll get used to it."

Vacit rose and walked outside. Several troops of the Nephilim were gathered about, wide, guileless eyes greeting him, offering him their limitless strength unselfishly and unselfconsciously. If the Nephilim knew one thing, it was obedience to Vorlons, and Kevin Vacit was enough of a Vorlon to command their unthinking affection.

Diamond stood behind him, shivering at the raw strength of the broadcasts.

"Imagine how it was when I first arrived here," Vacit said. "There are more than a million of them, scattered through the forests and savannas of this world. The Vorlon attack killed all but a few thousand here. They would have exterminated them if I hadn't acted. The Nephilim gave me their strength, and with me guiding them we were able to fool even the Vorlons. They left thinking their creations were all dead." He smiled at Diamond. "After the Vorlons, your people - and even Ms. Alexander - were child's play."

"But sir-" Diamond was still troubled. He still had hope of going back to Earth. "What do you want us for? Why won't you let us return home? Or better yet, come with us, bring some of these - creatures - with you. With them, we could decimate the rebels in a matter of days. The normals, too. All of Human space could be ours."

"You think too small, Mr. Diamond," Vacit said, mildly. "The future of our kind isn't back there. The nautilus does not move backward in its shell. Our future starts here, and moves forward." He swept his hand at the sky, at the countless worlds once controlled by the Vorlons, past them to the galactic rim beyond which the elder races had retreated. "It's there." He clapped the weeping
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