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Vacit?" Garibaldi snapped.

The old man inclined his head. "There was another landing craft. It's hidden below this installation, near the reactor, where they knew you would have trouble detecting it. I'm sorry for the deception, but they were monitoring my thoughts, of course. Lyta, I'm truly sorry. I owe your family better than this, but I've grown weak."

"Baloney," Garibaldi said. "You've cut a deal with the corps. They're your babies, after all."

"That's enough from you, Garibaldi," Diamond said. "I'll need you to send some messages to your ship, and -" he suddenly turned and fired his PPG. The blast grazed Lyta's shoulder. She gasped in pain and fell back, half stunned. Garibaldi swore and moved to help her, but a warning shot hissed into the floor at his feet.

"Stop there and live, Mr. Garibaldi," Diamond snapped. "Ms. Alexander, do not try that again. I may not be as strong as you, but I am a P10, and full trained. I've read your file - you can probably stop me from firing this weapon again. You can probably stop two or three of my people as well. You cannot stop all of us."

"I can," Vacit said, quietly. "Mr. Garibaldi, you should take their guns, quickly."

Garibaldi blinked. "What?" But then he saw Diamond was sort of frozen, like a statue, and Vacit was trembling, his face gone white.

"Hurry!" Vacit said. "I can't-"

Then Diamond moved again, firing his PPG. The blast struck the old man in the chest. The Psi Cop changed his aim to Garibaldi. Garibaldi shot him in the heart. Another cop fired at him, missed by a mile as Garibaldi ducked behind the couch. Garibaldi popped up, missed his first shot, then nailed the telepath on the second.

The rest of the cops were down, blood leaking from their eyes. Lyta swayed weakly to her feet.

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