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were legion, and I understood that in time they would catch me alone, with my guard down. I felt there was one last thing I could do. Like you, I came here expecting to find the secret of enhancing our abilities, and I thought I would make one last discovery for my people. As you see, I did. But it's all gone. Nothing remains of the Vorlon records or laboratories, only the bones. I suppose those could be scraped for DNA, but I suspect all you would find is the same sequence every telepath has."

Garibaldi nodded, sickened. They had once thought the Vorlons were the good guys. As it turned out, ideas like good and evil were as irrelevant to beings like the Vorlons and Shadows as they were to the low-life scum he had busted as security chief.

Something suspicious in Garibaldi had been demanding his attention for awhile, but he just now saw what it was. "Mr. Vacit, tell me again how you know we beat the Shadows. You've been isolated here since before the end of the war, and you had to have been out of touch before that. So how did you know all of this recent history?"

"He hasn't been entirely forthcoming with you," a new voice said.

They all turned. For an instant, Garibaldi thought it was Bester standing there, but it wasn't, only some middle-aged Psi Cop he had never seen, in uniform complete to the gloves. Seven more appeared, from various doorways Garibaldi hadn't noticed or which hadn't been there. They were all armed with PPGs.

"Don't blame Mr. Vacit," the fellow went on, a bland smile on his roundish face. "He really couldn't help himself. My name is Mr. Diamond and I want both of you to keep very still. Mr. Garibaldi, I would not count on your troops for help. They have all been subdued. Ms. Alexander, the same goes for your blips."

"What's going on,
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