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Not claws, hooves, or flippers, but hands, specialized in being unspecialized. We make our claws. If something comes along we can't eat, we don't evolve new teeth or more stomachs - we pound it or burn it or soak it until we can digest it."

"But telepath genes were developed," Lyta objected.

"Yes, but not by evolution. The Vorlons manipulated and bred, experimented, pushed. The creatures they brought here were just germ plasma to them. They made them telepaths, yes, at the expense of every other trait. These poor creatures, I believe, had telepathic powers that couldn't be rated even by the Vorlons, but not one of them could have figured out how to build a fire or to put the round peg in the round hole."

"Lyta was pale, studying the skeletons. "That's horrible," she said. "What happened to them?"

Vacit waved his hands, and lights went off. The skeletons vanished in darkness. "The Vorlons killed them, of course, so they wouldn't fall into the hands of the Shadows. They had already gotten what they wanted - the genes to implant in other races, to create beings that were both telepathic and intelligent. You see what I'm saying? Those two traits had to come separately, then be combined. An intelligent race can develop naturally, a telepathic beast can develop naturally. But you can't have both together without intervention."

"You still haven't told us why you came," Garibaldi noticed. "Or how you knew about this place."

Vacit smiled again, his thin, skull-like grin. It did not seem to reflect good humor.

"I knew the Shadows were coming, and I knew we telepaths were going to be needed. I made Psi Corps what it was to meet that need. I had nearly reached the end of my life, and everyone I had ever cared for was gone. My enemies in the government and the corps
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