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be one thousand, four hundred twenty credits."

Marcus inserted his credit chit into the scanner and watched as most of his remaining funds were extracted. "A lifetime of funds, times several hundred people, gone in just a few months," the thought. "I must remember to get on a budget sometime soon."

But with any luck, the small amount remaining would gather a fair amount of interest in the coming thirty-two years and four months.

"Here you go," the technician said. "Right this way."

Marcus followed the technician down the long white corridor that led down the center of Ever-Dream Enterprises, a cryosuspension service located in Syria Planum on Mars.

"We get all kinds here," the tech said. "That way over there is where we keep the near-death cases. You ever been cryo'd before?"

"Once," Marcus said.

"Well, the process ain't changed must. You go in, you close your eyes, you open 'em again, and poof, you're in the future. We get a lot of folks like that. We have to make sure we don't get fugitives from the law, of course, trying to escape the statute of limitations, though that's a lot harder now that they passed the Chrono Fugitive Laws back home. Most folks just want to see the future. We got whole families in here like that. They think they future's gonna be different somehow. Better. What they don't understand is, the future's always just like the present, only moreso.

"Meanwhile, don't you worry about a thing. We've been in business for nearly a hundred years, and we'll be in business for a long time to come. Not like SleepWorld, back on Earth. You heard about that, right? They went bankrupt and sold off the bodies of all the sleepers anybody'd want to buy, then dumped the rest for parts. It was a huge scandal. That'd never happen here."

"I'm sure
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