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Lyta said. "He's lying. No telepath is that power. Even I'm not."

Vacit shrugged. "I am, or was. I'm not sure why. But part of it - part of it is something my mother passed on to me. It's what you sense, Lyta. Part of a Vorlon, one of the two who came to Earth to implant their modifications in our ancestors. The Shadows found him, you see. But before he died."

"Something similar happened on B5," Lyta said. "Kosh hid his essence in Sheridan. But only for a short time."

Vacit nodded. "So you understand. My mother had a fragment of Vorlon in her, just so. I was very young when my mother passed him to me. I developed with him in me - we were never separate entities, really. I never had two voices, only one, a fusion of Vorlon and Human. Later in life, I met the second Vorlon and learned the truth about myself. And about other things - the Shadows, the coming war. About our origins, as telepaths." He rubbed his knees. "So I am Vorlon, in a way, yes, but also Human. I was not something anyone ever planned."

Lyta nodded. "I see it now. I think I understand."

Garibaldi had more immediate concerns. "Why did you come here? You left Earth, alone, in a slower than light ship. You spent 60-odd years in space. Why?"

"You understand, of course, that for me the time was much briefer - less than a year in space, in fact. Relativistic speeds, you know. Time dilation."

"I'd still like an answer to the question. And here's another one - where's your ship?"

Vacit sighed and sank back into his chair. "When I arrived, my ship was damaged. There was very little left on this planet, only a hint of power in this one place. I landed, expecting to die. Instead, these structures started growing, and they took care of me. They manufacture food, distill water, give me shelter and
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