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to locate and disable the device before you arrived."

Garibaldi looked at Lyta. She shook her head, clearly confused. "Director Vacit was a normal," she said, "not a teep. Michael, he's the Vorlon."

Vacit smiled thinly. "A Vorlon I'm not. But please, can't we sit? I weary easily these days."

The buildings scintillated. Vague, slow patterns of color formed, melted, moved. They were like the Vorlon ships Garibaldi had seen, organic and somehow alive. Vacit led Garibaldi and Lyta in the largest dome - Garibaldi left two men at the door and sent out the rest on a perimeter watch. Likewise, Lyta's telepaths wandered around restlessly, scanning for other presences.

Inside, the living nature of the structures was even more pronounced. Chairs, tables, and couches formed from the Vorlon stuff furnished it.

"It took me some time to learn how to make this material conform to my wishes," Vacit explained. "For a long time, the best I could get were some toadstool-shaped lumps."

"I thought you said the base was destroyed," Garibaldi said. "Where did these domes come from?"

"They grew," Vacit replied. "In reaction to my presence, I think." He gestured around the room. "Please, sit. I'll start from the beginning, or as near as I can." He looked hard at Lyta. "I am Kevin Vacit," he insisted. "I was born around 2109, I'm not sure of the exact date. My mother was one of the first real telepaths. I watched - and felt - her die in one of the early programs. As an adult I was an aide to Senator Lee Crawford, who organized the Metasensory Regulatory Agency, which later - much later - became Psi Corps. In time, I became director of Psi Corps. As Lyta observes, in those days the director was supposed to be a normal. I posed as one, because I had the power to do so."

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