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found was a dead ship, or at least an empty one. Life support systems had been turned off, and the ship opened to space. There were no bodies, no trace of violence, nothing at all to indicate what had become of the crew. The log had been wiped blank, and the computer was not aware of anything that had happened since leaving I-O.

But an atmospheric shuttle was missing from the hanger.

"Could they be hiding from us, Lyta?" Garibaldi asked, glancing around nervously. "When Bester was hunting your friends on Babylon 5, you pulled a disappearing trick with them. Hid them in plain sight."

"It's possible that all of them working together might manage to fool me," she said, "but I don't really think so. For all of their talk about being a family, Psi Cops aren't good at that sort of cooperation. Psi Corps is dog-eat-dog, and the last thing you want is for a possible rival to know your innermost thoughts." Her face assumed an almost wistful look. "Except when we were kids. Before they managed to set us all at each other's throats."

"What if they've already enhanced themselves?"

Lyta shrugged. "In that case, we're doomed."

"That's what I like about you, Lyta. The glass is always half-full. Half-full of something awful."

"I think they're on the planet."

"So do I," Garibaldi muttered. "But where?"

"We find what they were looking for, we find them," Lyta replied.

When they returned to the Toreador, Firth had magnified views of a sector of the planet up.

"Big neutrino source here," she said. "An underground fusion reactor, or something like it. We've got surface structures, too. Also, traces of what looks like an Earth-built shuttle."


"Scattered in a 20 klick radius."

"Something shot them down?"

"I can't say, sir. She certainly blew
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