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God-knows-how-many great grandma was given some kind of telepath vitamin supplements 200 years ago?"

This time her face actually registered chagrin, that she had made a mistake. It was gratifying.

"Point taken," she allowed. "But Byron reacted badly. It hit him dead center. So I didn't tell him everything I learned when I was with the Vorlons."

"But you're going to tell me?"

"I have to."

"It's just like Christmas."

She looked away. "The Shadows came early. The Vorlons never finished us."

"Never ... Oh, my God."

"Yeah. I'm not sure exactly how they did it, but I've pieced together how I think it may have happened. I think they started a long time ago, maybe thousands or even a million years ago. They took some of us ... or maybe just cells to clone us from, I'm not sure ... and they tinkered with us, bred us somewhere offworld. Now and then they would come back to Earth - and Minbar, and Narn, and all of the other worlds where they created teeps - and insert a new genetic sequence into the home populations. They worked slowly - the Vorlons live a long time, and an experiment that stretches over centuries doesn't seem strange to them.

"Sometime in the late 21st century, they crossed a threshold, and not long after that the first obvious teeps started showing up on Earth. It happened earlier on other worlds, but it happened better on Earth. We were their pride and joy. But I still got the impression that, as we are, we were maybe a third step in a five-step plan."

"Except for you. They made you stronger."

"Yes. Step four, maybe, still not step five. They just didn't have time, not with the Shadows coming too early. They had to use us as we were. After that - they left."

She faced him squarely. "You've seen the things I can do, Michael. I
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