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the day he ahd been revived. It was long and it was black and it was unquestionably hers. He'd found it on his shoulder, shortly after being revived, just where he had rested her head against his during the energy transfer. With the one-time-only exception of Delenn, the bone-crested Minbari didn't have hair like that. "Can you extract the DNA you need from this?"

The doctor - he had introduced himself only as Quijana - took the strand of hair and considered it. "That's all? Just the one strand?"

"That's it."

Quijana hmmmm'd for a moment. "Maybe I wont' know for sure until I get inside. If there's been any deterioration, I'll need to fill out the missing sequences. She might have a freckle or two she didn't have before, but it probably won't be anything significant."

"Probably? For the money you're charging, I expect better than probably."

"I'm limited by the math, the available sequences, and what I can guess concerning what's missing, if anything. And that fee is for delivering a fully grown human being. You don't just pop those things out overnight; bodies take the time they take to grow and mature. We still don't have any way to overcome that. And thirty-two years is a long time. You're talking long-term maintenance along with the actual cloning process. That means nutrients, neurostimulation to keep the mind from turning to mush from lack of input, electrostimulation for muscle and nerve development, round-the-clock monitoring -- it adds up. Now, if you just want an infant, or better yet a fetus, you could save considerably on the overall cost."

"I don't think that would exactly serve my purpose," Marcus said.

"Suit yourself. What else?"

Marcus handed over the seven holocrystals. "These are the neural maps I mentioned earlier," he said. "You're

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