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a safe place so we can question our new friend. Keldulan had a safe house not far from here. I doubt we will be disturbed there.'

As they moved once more into the shadows of Tor-vag's narrow streets, Vance turned a watchful eye toward every shadow, above them as well as on the ground. If the Ky'Thain was going to return, he wanted to be ready.


Keldulan's former bolthole was more of a warehouse than a safehouse, positioned on the edge of the Merchant's Quarter, bordering the Craftmen's District. Vance wondered why the Merchant's Quarter was so far from the spaceport. Surely merchants would want to be in close proximity to air travel so that their goods might more easily be transported through Torvag's tight streets.

Bakkatt explained that the separate districts of Torvag had been in place for thousands of years, much longer than the Drazi possessed the ability to travel in space. Consequently, the spaceport was built in one of the few remaining places available in Torvag. The Drazi's attachment to their traditions and history prevented demolition of large parts of the city to make room for a convenient spaceport.

Traversing Torvag's streets and finding the safe house took almost no time. Again, Bakkatt led the way as though a built-in radar guided him to his destination. They pulled Musan Volt's limp form along with them, and he offered no resistance. No one paid them any mind as they travelled. A merchant being dragged along by hooded figures was not out of the ordinary, and it paid to mind one's business in Torvag.

Now they stood in a brick room with a high ceiling, some broken furniture and little else. The Rangers entered and checked the exits. A set of double doors led to the main street. Merreck posted himself beside them, spying
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