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paused for a long moment before asking the question he knew as about to change the rest of his life.

"Where can I find her Voice?"

When Tranall had said that all his monetary needs would be met many times over by the trust fund, Marcus had not been paying a great deal of attention. Now he had a reason to find out just how much was there.

He was, even by his standards, suitably impressed.

Next came the purchase of a jump-capable private ship. He was surprised at how small they had gotten. In his time, the White Star had been the smallest ship capable of jumping into hyperspace without the aid of a jump gate, and even that still required a fairly substantial crew. Now they came in one-or two-person flyers that were a fraction of the size of the White Star.

Ivanova's Voice was stored with the Voices of several hundred other historical figures at the Sirius Nine Neural Archives, operated jointly by the Earth Alliance Historical Society and PsyMed, a pharmaceutical megacorp based on Centauri Prime.

The Archives had been built there twenty years ago as a tax write-off by PsyMed. Sirius Nine was a small colony with little to offer tourists or business travelers. It needed something with prestige to invite visitors, and the Neural Archives brought academics from dozens of worlds.

Marcus knew the place well. Long ago -- two years ago, by marcus's counting, much longer in the real world -- it had boasted a significant underground commerce. Anything could be ahd, if the price was right, and you knew which people to ask.

The people he knew were long gone to dust, but as Marcus programmed his flyer for Sirius Nine, he was confident that even if the old rat holes had been paved over or cleaned up, new rat holes had appeared to replace them. They always did.

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