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Especially not you. I wanted you to have one more chance to find happiness. And you didn't. You had the work, but you always had the work, that's not the point. It's not right that you were alone. It's not right, it's--"


Marcus sat up, startled at the voice that echoed in the memorial. A Minbari stood in the doorway, clutching a handful of flowers.

"I'm sorry if I alarmed you," he continued. "Do you mind if I--"

"No, please, go right ahead."

The Minbari nodded and moved to the front of the crypt, where he placed the flowers in a waiting receptacle.

"Who sent them?" Marcus asked.

"Sent" The Minbari shook his head. "You are a Ranger, by your clothes, yes? I thought you would know."

"I've been out of town for a while."

"Long ago, President Delenn ordered these placed here every day. The words of Delenn are still followed, and will always be followed." He arranged them carefully, then stepped back. "Do you know much of Ivanova?"

"A bit," Marcus said.

"Then you are a follower of her ideas?"

"You could say that."

"Then may I assume you have been to the Voice?"

Marcus studied him. "The what?"

"The Voice. Shortly before Ivanova passed away, a picture was taken of her mind. Well, it's not really her mind, not technically ... it's a full study of all the neural pathways and memories and information she held at the time, encoded and preserved for future historians, physicians, and scientists. I think the nearest human equivalent would be a life mask, but this is an impression, a picture, taken of a person's mind.

"It can't create new thoughts, obviously, because a mind needs a soul for creative life to exist, but its' a wonderful resource. I've only been there once myself, but I found the experience most ... exhilarating"

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