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now, three hundred years after the fact, because a recent expedition to the Rim had found the ruins of the alien civilization that had produced the energy transfer device. Among the ancient documents and records, they had at last found the information they had been searching for.

"And what am I supposed to do now?" Marcus asked at the conclusion of his final briefing.

"What they had all wanted for you," Tranall said. "Go on living."

"How many others know about this?"

"We have kept your revival a secret. We thought it would be better that way. It will give you time to adjust without the press of others demanding your time. The chance to talk to someone who actually knew President Sheridan, and Delenn, and Anla-Shok na Ivanova, is ... " Tranall's eyes fixed on a distant point, then finally returned to Marcus. "There are no words. But we shall respect your convalescence. After that, of course, we will have enough questions to fill an ocean.

"And you need not worry about your future or your livelihood from this point on," he continued. "In anticipation of this moment, a trust fund was set up long ago. There are enough credits in that account to serve the needs of several hundred men for the rest of their lives. You will have everything you need."

Marcus only nodded, and didn't say "No, not quite everything."

When he was strong enough, Marcus left the hospital and walked out into the Minbari capital city of Yedor. Little had changed in the three hundred years since he had last walked these streets. The crystalline spires and towers were as coldly impressive as they had always been. More humans and other aliens were out on the streets than he had ever seen before, but that was understandable since Minbar was now the seat of the Alliance.

The Rangers had
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