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head darting to each of its potential targets. Volt remained still, not even daring to move into cover.

The Ky'Thain was the first to act, snarling in fury as it once again leapt toward Musan Volt. Although the creature was shockingly fast, Bakkatt managed to intercept it mid-strike, batting the beast sideways. It landed in the centre of the room, next to the sentries.

Simultaneously, the Drazi guards reached to their hips, grasping for their autopistols. The creature moved so swiftly its attacks looked blurred. In a split second it sliced one Drazi's throat and pierced another in the chest. Without pause it turned toward Vance, who only managed to block its blow on pure reflex. His hands shuddered as the Ky'Thain's weapon struck. Despite its spindly limbs, a feral strength powered its attacks. Before the creature could unleash a second blow, Bakkatt was on it, his denn'bok flying in with strike after crippling strike. The creature managed to parry some of Bakkatt's attacks, and others it simply absorbed on its hard carapace. Vance attacked as well, raining blows down upon the seemingly invincible creature.

Although it did not seem to be wounded by any strokes of their denn'boks, the Rangers managed to hold the creature at bay. The three danced across Volt's chamber, their steps a series of strikes and counter-strikes. Vance had never faced an opponent like this. The Ky'Thain seemed to possess a combination of speed and strength that no other race could possibly match. Despite being faced by two skilled opponents, it not only held its own, it managed several counter-strikes that Vance only blocked because of luck and the aid of the other Ranger.

After parrying a blow from each of its adversaries, the creature somersaulted away from the Rangers, who manoeuvred
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