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afraid she is dead," the Ranger said.

Marcus struggled for words. "I don't understand. I saved her .. I mean, I DID save her, didn't I?" The device DID work, didn't it?"

"It did," the Ranger said. "That is a historical fact. But you must understand: By the Earth calendar, the event you are describing took place nearly three hundred years ago."

Over the coming weeks, as Marcus recovered, he learned all that had happened in the years following his cryonic suspension. The information was given out piecemeal, when the doctors felt he could handle it.

Susan Ivanova had become captain, then continued up the ranks, becoming an Earthforce general and then, finally, Anla-shok na, head of the Rangers under the leadership of Interstellar Alliance President Delenn of Minbar. She had served in that capacity for the rest of her life, expanding the roster of membership in the Anla-shok to include representatives of every member world, and instituting a system of honor and self-sacrifice that was unparalleled to this day. He was told that over a half dozen statues and memorials to her work had been erected in this one city alone. She had never married, choosing instead to dedicate her life to her work.

After Babylon 5 had been decommissioned, she arranged to have his cryotube shipped here. According to Tranall, from time to time she visited him in his long sleep, visits that the medical staff still whispered about. Some even said that she used to talk to him as if he were still alive. "But there are no records, anywhere, of what she said," Tranall explained.

In the last years of her life, she gave orders, supported by Delenn, that Marcus's body was to be kept intact and in cryonic suspension for as long as it took to find a way to restore him to life.

It had only happened
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