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same as Marcus, serving in the shadows, serving the Alliance.

He struggled to recall how he had gotten here. He remembered learning that Commander Susan Ivanova, who had been mortally wounded before his eyes while they were serving on the White Star during the Earth Civil War, was dying. Against orders, he had rushed to her side at Babylon 5. There he had used an alien device designed to transfer life force between two individuals to bring her back from the edge -- by giving her his own life force. He did so even knowing the price he would pay.

"I love you," he had said.

And there, in her arms, he had died.

So where, and WHY, the hell was he?

He struggled to sit up, but his arms shuddered and collapsed beneath him.

"Try not to move," the head Minbari physician said.

"My arms--"

"Atrophied. You haven't used them in ... well, in a very long time."

"How long?"

"We'll begin rehabilitation at once, artificially stimulating them around the clock, and that should help get you back to normal soon, but --"


The physician hesitated, looked to the Ranger behind him. "Tell him, Tranall," the other Minbari said. "He has been trained as Anla-shok. He is a Ranger. He can bear the burden."

The physician nodded and turned back to Marcus. "You have been in cryonic suspension," he said. "Commander Ivanova ordered your body frozen in case one day science might find a way to restore you to life."

"Presumptuous, I suppose, but that's always been her way," Marcus said. "It's getting so a man can't even die heroically without someone spoiling all the fun. I'll have words with her about this, just you wait."

The two Minbari exchanged a curious look.

"Speaking of Ivanova," Marcus said, "where is she? I can't imagine she'd miss this."

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