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and silence.

"But those are the sorts of things that Shiri could not help but tell them, because they are true. Sadly, I suppose, they are always true. But truth has nothing to do with what people like you and I want from the world. Position. Influence. Money. As prophetess, you can say what you want, couch your intentions any way you wish, without having to include any unfortunate or untimely truths."

"And when my prophecies fail to materialize?"

"Just be sufficiently artistic - that is to say, vague - in your prophecies so that they can be reinterpreted later in whatever fashion best serves you. A prophetess once told me 'You must save the eye that does not see.'" Londo shrugged. "It's five years later, and I still don't know what she meant." For the first time, Delasi relaxed. Londo thought he might actually see a smile forming, but couldn't be sure.

"Tell me, Majesty, has a prophetess ever retired from Tuwain?" she asked.

"They have all been retired by death. But to all things there must be a first time. Why?"

"Well, after five or ten years of work in His Majesty's service, holding a position of such authority, I would think that a title and land would be only proper compensation. To have the presence of a renowned prophetess placed in the royal court itself would be... advantageous."

"It would indeed," Londo said, and this time there was no mistaking it.

She was definitely smiling now.

* * *

Londo found the enshrinement at the river Tuwain to be a magnificent ceremony, rich in color and texture. Delasi, he thought, was quite stunning in her gown of white and gold, as she looked across the open expanse of stone and water at him with eyes that glittered like small silver coins.

Which was most appropriate. What was it the Humans
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