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"I do."


"Sit, and I will tell you," Londo said. He stretched out on the high seat as she took her place opposite him. "Let us speak plainly, Delasi. You and I, we are political creatures. We come from the same amoral gene pool. You attached yourself to Shiri because you hoped to use her to your own advantage, to exert influence over the nobles and others who would come to Tuwain seeking guidance."

"Majesty, I would never - "

"Yes, you would. With you as Shiri's guardian, they would have to go through you in order to speak with her. You could choose who was and was not allowed to see her, indulge favors, accept bribes, use your access to her, and to them, to improve the condition of House Miro.

"But now you have a unique opportunity, Dealsi. You and I both know that sooner or later, Shiri would back out of the deal once she began to truly understand how you were using her. She has an annoying nobility of spirit that almost guarantees conflict over issues of morality. That problem ahs now been eliminated, the pebble removed from your shoe. Try as you might, Shiri would never have altered her prophecies to suit your needs. As prophetess yourself, you can say anything you want." From her expression, Londo knew she was intrigued, but still cautious. "There is still a problem, Majesty. As I said before, I am not a prophetess. I cannot see the future." Londo smiled. "Neither can I. What difference does it make? Our job is to tell people what they want to hear. We are much alike in that way. No one really wants to hear the truth, good lady... they don't really want to know how they will die, that they have sadness and pain in their future, that their name will decline with their power and their appearance; that in the end, all is swallowed by death
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