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The flash of the sword.

Great Maker, Londo thought as he sat up, his face wet. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

It was still dark, well before dawn. As his eyes cleared, he saw the viewer blinking with a message-waiting signal. He rose, shook off the dream, and went to it.

Predictably, it was Vole. "I found the information you requested, Majesty. It took no small doing, and I went to great lengths to-" Londo fast forwarded for thirty seconds. That was how long it usually took Vole to explain in excruciating detail how hard it had been to find the requested information before he could finally get to the point.

"-the lady Delasi and House Miro are of old blood, but little money. They sold their position in the royal court years ago to House Davo. Delasi herself is said to be very intelligent, though I get the impression we could substitute the word 'ruthless' and very few would argue the point. She is political, and a manipulator. Word is she has found some way to regain power and influence for herself and her House." And her name is Shiri, Londo thought.

The rest was little more than gossip, of no real use. Londo switched off the viewer and sat quietly in the dark for a moment. He could feel the Keeper stirring, reminding him of the guards who stood outside, who could remove Shiri without question or hesitation.

If I have Shiri killed, as you ask, it will greatly complicate matters in the royal court. There will be an investigation. Even I can't arbitrarily have someone killed; there are rules since Cartagia's day. A woman like Delasi could find ways to exploit that; your position could be compromised.

Shiri must be elminated, the Keeper relayed back.

Then let me do it in my own way.

After a long pause, the Keeper whispered
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