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reached the final rest stop. The next day's journey would see them in Tuwain. While his entourage set up his tent and prepared dinner, he moved apart from them and opened the portable viewer that would put him in touch with the royal palace.

Minister Vole's face appeared on the viewer within a second of its being activated. He's probably been sitting by the screen all day again, waiting for the call, Londo concluded. Vole's eagerness could make even a dead man nervous. "Yes, Excellency?"

"Any news?" Londo asked.

"I'm told that repairs to the spaceport are nearly complete; we should be able to reopen the rest of it by week's end."

"Good. Contact the ministry for urban repairs and tell them to take at least an hour off to celebrate."

"I will, Excellency."

"Anything else?"

"Nothing significant. The usual requests for your attention, debates in the Centarum that need to be resolved - "

"They can wait. I need you to find out everything you can concerning a woman, Delasi of House Miro."

"Of course, Excellency. Is it important?" Londo stared at the screen. "I'm sorry. For a moment there I imagined myself to be the Emperor. You see, when the Emperor points to something - anything - it automatically becomes important. I am pointing to this, Vole. If you are suggesting it might be something other than important, then I must no longer be the Emperor. Of course, that would imply sedition on your part, which last I heard was punishable by death, so - "

"I will get on it immediately, Excellency."

"Thank you, Minister." The screen blipped off. Londo allowed a smile; playing with Vole was almost too easy. He found he actually missed sparring with G'Kar and Sheridan, even Vir... at least there he had some competition.

He closed the viewer and
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