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He is your freedom, and you are his. And in the end..." She hesitated, then forced herself to continue. "In the end, you die in the arms of your friend, and he dies in yours, that a world might live." For a moment, Londo felt the world slide out from under him. The image she described was a dream that had always been with him, the dream of his own death, in which he and G'Kar of Narn ended their long and strange relationship by strangling one another to death. It was a relationship born in mutual hatred, the kind of rage that only a conquered people can have against hose who have enslaved them, as Centauri Prime had enslaved Narn. G'Kar had grown from a resistance fighter to a leader among his people following their liberation, and had finally been assigned as ambassador to Babylon 5, as Londo had in his earlier days. There they had fought, and squabbled, and gradually carved out a mutual respect that had, impossibly, grown into something approaching friendship.

Until this moment, he had always believed that the dream pointed to a final act of vengeance by one against the other. But now, in her words, for the first time he allowed himself the possibility of hope. That a world might live, she had said. But which world? Narn or Centauri Prime?

He stirred, realizing that he had sat silent for too long. He cleared his throat. "And what else do you see?" Her face darkened again, and her gaze drifted to his shoulder. Londo felt for a moment that she could see what was there, what no one else could see. Impossible, he thought. But the Keeper felt it too, and Londo sensed it go quiet... watching, waiting.

"I see... Shadows," she said. "It is hard for me to see what sort of Shadows, or what throws them, but I see pieces of Shadows all over the palace, and beneath it, gradually
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