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dromes. Londo recognized the markings and new that they contained the new prophetess of Tuwain.

He emerged and went to meet them. As he drew closer, the doors of the main white carriage opened, and amid a shower of white flower petals, the prophetess emerged with her entourage. She was dressed all in white, her face veiled; even so, Londo could see her well enough, and took a breath in astonishment.

She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.

And she could not have been more than sixteen seasons.

This can't be right, Londo thought. She's far too young by far.

As he stopped before them, an older woman - the young girl's escort, he supposed - bowed deeply.

"Your Majesty," she said. "I am Delasi Miro of House Miro. It is my honor to present to you Shiri Dei of House Dei, whom I am honored to serve as guardian."

"It is an honor, good lady," Londo said, his curiosity piqued even further. Under Centauri law, to be guardian was to speak on all matters of importance for someone too young to speak for himself or herself. Anyone wishing to benefit from Shiri's prophecies would have to go through Delasi first. Interesting, he thought. "Are you the child's mother?"

"No, Highness, her mother died in childbirth. She has been raised by her father."

"Ah. And where is he?"

"He did not come. His.. business does not allow him to be away for long periods, and it was decided that she would do better on her own." Londo smiled. It was decided almost always meant I decided it would be to my best advantage, but I don't want to say that. He looked now to the young girl. "Is this what you wanted, child?" She spoke without looking up. "I am my emperor's servant, and I gladly honor him with my utmost obedience."

"A fine answer," he said, and glanced sharply
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