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must have heard its arrival.

The creature was spindly, clad in plates of chitinous armour. Its face, fully visible, was wedge shaped and bore both dog-and snake-like features. 'Musan Volt has done well say the Ky'Thain,' hissed the creature. Its eyes looked Volt up and down, as though it were about to devour him. 'The Ky'Thain's masters are pleased with Musan Volt.'

'This has gone too far,' said Volt, spinning on the creature. 'I never intended to end up a murderer. There is no honour in it.'

The creature regarded Volt blankly for a few seconds before breaking into peals of hissing laughter. As it watched Volt, it swayed from side to side hypnotically. 'What did Musan Volt expect. Never going to be easy. Musan Volt should be happy.'

Volt turned his back on the creature once more. 'Well, Musan Volt is not happy,' he said, almost under his breath.

The creature suddenly halted its movement, the mirth draining from its bestial features. 'Musan Volt's happiness is not of importance. Only the Ky'Thain's will. Musan Volt will obey, and reward will be great. Musan Volt fails and even Ky'Thain will not be able to protect him from consequences.'

'Don't try threatening me,' said Volt, his anger rising. 'We had a deal. You help me gain influence within the Thath Vorak. I act as your eyes and ears within the establishment. I have held my side of the bargain, but I have seen nothing in return.'

'Time, Musan Volt. All in good time will the Ky'Thain uphold its end of the bargain.'

'You've had more than enough time. All I've had is orders and demands. When do I start gaining from the deal?'

'Patience is all we require. Though a demonstration can be arranged if it is a show of strength you wish to see.'

'It's too late. I've had enough of you and your brethren.
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