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our lives belong to each other. May the feud of our fathers be forgotten. Our futures are bonded in blood, Vance, and you have shown that you are worthy of trust - and respect.'

'I owe you my life, Merreck. I intend to repay the debt.'

'I am sure you will get the chance.'

Vance smiled and was surprised when a small grin crept onto Merreck's lips. As they released each other's arms, Jerklenn appeared behind Merreck. The big Minbari turned, wondering what Vance was looking at. Vance felt immediately uncomfortable, despite the conciliation they had just shared. Merreck turned and approached his sister. Silently they embraced, burying themselves in each other's arms. Vance suddenly felt something in the corner of his eye. He turned and entered the Chapel, not wanting the two Minbari to see him removing it.

* * *

Jerklenn and Merreck left him alone in the Chapel. Vance understood; naturally they had much to talk about and years to catch up on. Besides, this was one of those occasions when Vance felt comfortable in his own company. He had no idea when he would get the chance to be alone again.

Footsteps echoed down the passage to the Chapel, and Vance stood as a Minbari Ranger entered. 'Someone is here to see you,' said the Ranger. 'He is waiting in the observatory.' With that he bowed and left the Chapel.

* * *

Vance was not surprised about his visitor. Deep down he knew who it was and, when he entered the observatory, he greeted his father with the respect he felt was due. 'Colonel,' said Vance, bowing in the appropriate Minbari manner.

'Sinclair told me you've just returned from a mission. A success I hope.' The Colonel was smiling and seemed almost ebullient. Vance was curious as to his motives.

'We lost one of our brothers, but the mission was
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