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every move.'

'Are we to be part of that monitoring team?' asked Vance.

'For you, we have something different planned,' said Sinclair. 'You all worked well together, overcoming stacked odds despite the loss of your leader. I've therefore decided to keep you together, working as a team.' He paused as though waiting for a reaction. The three Rangers remained silent in their seats. 'If there are no objections, you will be given your own ship. I trust you will have no problem with that. Due to your background, Vance, I want you to lead the team.' Yet another pause. Again no reaction from the Rangers.

Vance was surprised at his appointment, considering how short a time he had been a Ranger, but he realised the order was desperately short of members, and it was not something that would have happened had they the numbers and resources of a thousand years past. Mostly he worried about Merreck's reaction, considering he'd had just as important a role in the mission and even saved Vance's life.

'Tomorrow you will be sent to the Outer Rim. Your mission remains classified until you reach your destination. Unfortunately that's the way we have to work from now on. It's not a matter of trust. You've all proven yourselves beyond reproach. It's just the way it has to be for the protection of the Anla'shok and our mission.'

'We understand and obey, Anla'shok Na,' said Merreck. It was the first time Vance heard him speak directly to Sinclair when unprompted. The stout Minbari must have finally come to terms with having a human as his commander.

'You will leave tomorrow,' said Sinclair. 'Get some rest, for you have a trying time ahead of you. And good luck, all of you.' The Rangers stood, bowed to Sinclair and Turval and left the room. They did not speak as they made their
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