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'Sit-rep,' said Vance, looking to Jerklenn who was already checking her console.

'We have life support for two hours if I shut down all other systems. We will be a sitting duck if there is another attack.'

'Did we get a signal out?'

'Yes, but there is no way to tell if it got through.'

'We don't really have a choice then do we,' said Vance, gingerly slipping from his chair and sitting on the floor of the cockpit, his legs crossed. 'Let's assume the position.'

With that, the three meditated and waited to see which would arrive first; suffocation or their rescue.

Anla'shok Tulat

The deck of the Torotha was amazing. Then again, Vance could have been standing on the deck of a Pak'ma'ra sewage ship, and it would have been a welcome relief. His elation was also enhanced somewhat by the anaesthetic he'd been given for his wounds. He hadn't been able to thank the Minbari healer enough for that.

They had only had to wait an hour before the Minbari ship had come to their rescue and somehow Vance knew it would happen. He was not fearful as the three had sat on the cramped floor of the freighter's cockpit, waiting for their air to run out. Rescue had seemed inevitable. After all they had been through, the three fledgling Anla'shok were not destined to die is such an ignominious way.

'There were four of you on this mission?' Vance turned to see the captain of the Torotha looking at him seriously. The Minbari in charge was Hadan, a tall and stern-looking Ranger. His drawn face gave the impression that he'd spent several years with the weight of the galaxy on his shoulders.

'Bakkatt didn't make it,' replied Vance, suddenly feeling the ache in his tired limbs once more. 'He gave his life to save ours.'

'That is fitting. It is how Bakkatt would
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