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they know we can fight back, they are avoiding us. Their ships are too quick to lock on.'

'They're blocking us,' said Jerklenn. 'Even our encrypted channels can't get through. Nobody knows we're here.'

Another explosion rocked the ship. The klaxon sounded, signifying that life support was in danger. Something had to be done to reserve it or they would only have seconds to live. 'Cut engines. Our only chance is to play dead and draw them in. Concentrate power to life support in the cabin and re-route everything else to weapons.'

Jerklenn obeyed, her hands moving across the console as though she were manipulating some colourful musical instrument. Vance could see the fighters readying for another pass.

'We may only have one shot at this, Merreck.'

'I understand,' replied the Minbari, never taking his eyes from the display.

Vance could see the Ky'Thain fighters approaching from different angles. They would come close to the guns, but not close enough.

'Jerklenn, I need power to the port thrusters, now!' shouted Vance, as the console signalled to him the fighters had locked onto them for a final strafing run.

The small readout that signified engine power suddenly shot up halfway and Vance engaged the thrusters, banking the freighter just enough to bring the pulse-cannons in line with the approaching ships.

Merreck needed no encouragement, sending a single volley out into space and right into the path of the approaching fighters. The Ky'Thain ships had no time to manoeuvre out of the way as the pulse blast cut them in two.

Vance wanted to leap into the air and hug his comrades but he managed to resist the compulsion. For one, his Min-bari brethren did not seem the type to appreciate such a gesture, and two, they certainly weren't out of danger yet.
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