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Jerklenn, her voice calm and reposed.

Vance quickly unbuckled his belt restraint and moved forward as fast as his broken body would allow. The ship's proximity sensor showed three craft of fighter class approaching fast. 'Merreck, take weapons. Jerklenn, get us out of here,' said Vance.

Without argument, Merreck moved to the weapons console. Vance would later realise the Minbari had obeyed his order without question, despite the fact that they were of equal rank.

Vance checked the ship's fusion power point. The generator showed eighty percent power. Hopefully the fighters would have limited attack capability, at least little enough so Merreck could take them out before they crippled the ship. 'What's our location? Other than Zhabar do we have any options for cover?' Vance asked.

'Negative,' answered Jerklenn. 'Zhabar's moon is the nearest satellite to our current position, but we cannot reach it before we are engaged. It will take us one hour to reach the nearest jumpgate.'

'Options are thinning as we speak,' said Vance quietly, watching the three flashing icons moving closer to the freighter on the proximity sensor. 'What condition are our weapons in?'

'One hundred percent,' replied Merreck. 'But these approaching ships are fast and have an unclassified designation.'

Manipulating the console, Vance confirmed the ship's sensors could not identify the fighters. 'We have to assume they're Ky'Thain,' said Vance. 'And that means we have to assume the worst as far as their capabilities are concerned. We could be in trouble. Unfortunately we have nowhere to hide.'

'We live for the One,' said Merreck.

'We die for the One,' Vance finished, smiling despite the danger of the situation. 'OK, Jerklenn, full thrusters, let's make it look like we're making a
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