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gained ground. Another twenty yards remained between Vance and the hanger when an ominous click told him the autopistol's magazine was empty. He discarded the gun and pulled his denn'bok as the Ky'Thain surged toward him.

Vance managed to bat away the Ky'Thain's first three blows. The fourth, an elbow strike that snaked out unseen, hit him square in the face. Vance was propelled backward, the strength of the blow belying the creature's spindly body. Vance managed to keep hold of his denn'bok, but the strike had driven him onto his back. Before he could even attempt to stand the Ky'Thain was on him. It gripped the denn'bok with one clawed hand, pressing it down against Vance's body. Slowly, and with a beastly grin spreading across its face, it raised one arm, ready to punch its wrist spike through Vance's head.

With a tremendous blow the creature was batted aside, leaving Vance free to gain his feet. Merreck stood there, defiantly facing the Ky'Thain, which looked toward each of the Rangers in turn, its face contorting in rage. Merreck moved in, allowing the creature no time to gain its composure. His denn'bok swung in a devastating combination as Vance limped forward, trying his best to help. If he could distract the Ky'Thain, Merreck might gain the edge needed to defeat the creature.

As the Rangers attacked, the Ky'Thain became a blur, deflecting the blows raining in on it from both sides. Vance swept in with a low blow that was neither powerful nor intended to do much damage. At the same time Merreck spun in with a head blow. The Ky'Thain easily stepped over Vance's attack whilst ducking Merreck's. The ease with which it avoided Vance's attack left him vulnerable, and the Ky'Thain whipped its foot up, catching Vance squarely on the jaw. Momentarily dazed, he fell
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