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from the Drazi's grip. The taller Drazi reacted, reaching to his holster. Vance smashed him to the ground before his hand could touch the butt of his weapon. As the squat Drazi reached for his own gun, Vance slammed the denn'bok into his forearm, cracking the radius and ulna. Before the Drazi could cry out, Vance's denn'bok was at his throat, pressing him to the ground.

'How many militia in the building,' said Vance.

'Ten,' croaked the Drazi through gritted teeth.

'Thanks again,' said Vance, stunning the Drazi with a blow the side of his head.

Vance punched the combination to the door into the security keypad, and it flipped open. He glanced into the corridor and saw no one there. Before he left the room, he took the gun belt from the first Drazi. An autopistol had been somewhat useful before, so hopefully it would be again.

He walked carefully to the end of the corridor. No good would come from running, since he would be spotted sooner or later anyway, and running would only draw attention. The elevator on the right held no sign of any militia. Vance pressed the "up" button and wondered if anyone was actually manning the security cameras when the internal alarm sounded. The door to the elevator opened, and Vance encountered two startled Drazi. They both reached for their weapons, and Vance bolted forward. The confines of the elevator were too small to use his denn'bok, so fists and feet would have to do. Two swift blows downed the first Drazi before he could reach his gun. Vance already had his own weapon pulled and pointed at the second Drazi's head before he could grab his own.

With the barrel of an autopistol at his head, the militiaman froze. 'Floor three, please,' said Vance. The Drazi stretched out and pressed the button on the wall, not daring to
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