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in the marketplace yesterday?' Vance almost laughed at the insinuation that brawling in the street was against Drazi law. 'Importing alien technology,' he said as he produced Vance's denn'bok. Although it looked like a harmless metal tube, the Drazi were obviously bent on trumping up any charges they could. 'And non-payment of transportation fare!' Vance was unable to stop a smile spreading across his face. 'You think that's funny! There's also the question of your association with unregistered alien life forms on Drazi soil.'

'That creature is dangerous,' said Vance, feigning terror. The Drazi was suddenly interested, leaning forward to hear Vance speak. 'It knows where I am. It will gather others of its kind. You will not be able to stop them.'

'Don't worry. We are quite safe here, believe me.' The Drazi turned to smile at his silent colleague, who smirked back. Vance remembered Bakkatt saying something similar to Volt at the safe house, and a pang of regret crept into his mind. He forced himself to concentrate.

'You need to call for reinforcements. You need to get off-world help. Other League planets and the Earth Alliance must be notified. Do you have the means to communicate with them from here?'

'I told you we are quite safe.' The Drazi held up his hand, obviously worried about Vance's increasingly erratic state. 'We have everything we need. We have an interstellar comms rig, so help is just a call away. But tell me more about these creatures.'

'Will we be safe on the first floor when you use the comms rig?' asked Vance conversationally. His change in tone was intended to throw the Drazi and lower his guard. Luckily it worked.

'No, it's on the third,' he replied with a frown.

'Thanks,' said Vance, his hand shooting forward and snatching the denn'bok
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