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the Drazi sprinted off down one of the station's gaping tunnels.

Vance took the Ky'Thain on the right. Jerklenn took the one on the left. Merreck, twisting his denn'bok in all directions, tried to aid his fellow Rangers and keep both of the creatures busy. Without Merreck's help Vance realised he would have lasted only a few seconds. His enemy seemed incensed, its frenzied attacks flashing in from every angle.

Within seconds the Ky'Thain had the measure of the Rangers. They leapt apart, trying to split up their foes. Mer-reck immediately picked the closest creature and raced toward it. 'No!' screamed Vance. 'They are trying to break up our defence. Don't get drawn in.'Merreck immediately stopped his attack, seeing the sense in Vance's advice, and together the three Rangers backed away from the circling creatures.

The Ky'Thain moved to stand at the both flanks of the grouped Rangers. Then they rushed in again. Despite his best efforts, Vance could not avoid the flashing spikes and took a slash across the top of his thigh. If he had he not seen the attack coming and seen the blood that followed, he would not have noticed the wound was there, so wick edly sharp were the weapons of the Ky'Thain. His skin parted like a gaping mouth and a flood of crimson poured forth. The wound was too fresh to be painful, but he knew the sting would come soon. For now, Vance would ride his adrenalin rush until he got a chance to catch his breath - if that chance ever came.

As they fought, Vance suddenly heard an echoing scream. In his peripheral vision he saw something speeding from one of the tunnels. Just as he registered that it was far too small to be a train, he realised it was the Drazi drunk who had fled earlier. The Drazi scrambled to the platform in a panic as Vance jumped
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