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of a head revealed they were Volt's sentries.

'Kill the lights,' ordered Bakkatt. Jerklenn located the power conduit that fed electricity to the dim lights illuminating the corridor. Within seconds, they flickered and died. Hidden in the shadows, Vance watched the sentries look toward the sudden darkness. One even stepped forward, straining his eyes, looking for signs of movement, but the Rangers were as good as invisible.

The Rangers spent the hours before dawn watching Volt's doorway. The sentries were a disciplined bunch, holding their posts throughout the night without dropping their guard for even a second. The door to Volt's home opened only once as the sentries were relieved by two equally impressive-looking bodyguards.

'This is no good,' said Bakkatt, just as the sun began to peer over the horizon. 'We need to get inside, and that window at the side of the building is as good an entryway as any.' When Vance saw what Bakkatt was pointing to, he had to disagree. The door at the front, despite its intimidating sentries, looked far more attractive than a single window a hundred feet above the hard concrete of Torvag's streets.

'The two of you will keep a watch,' said Bakkatt, looking at Merreck and Jerklenn. 'If there is any sign of a disturbance from outside, disable the sentries and secure our escape route. Vance, you're with me.' Despite Vance's doubts, he followed Bakkatt without hesitation. They climbed flights of ancient, dusty stairs until they reached the roof. Bakkatt reached into his robes and produced a cy lindrical object. At first Vance thought it was his denn'bok, but then he saw that the item had a trigger on the side.

Bracing one hand behind the cylinder, Bakkatt pulled the trigger. A dull popping sound thudded through the night as a zip
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