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our mission will be a failure,' she said.

Vance pulled the autopistol once more, spraying a wide arc at two approaching Ky'Thain.

'Let's go. I don't have much more ammo,' he shouted. With that, Jerklenn pulled Merreck away and the two of them scaled the short flight of stairs, ran through the door and burst into the street. As Vance followed, he fired two more bursts to keep the Ky'Thain at bay. When he reached the doorway, he saw Bakkatt still fighting like a whirlwind, his denn'bok striking impossibly fast blows at his feral en emies, surrounded on all sides by the creatures that seemed hell bent on defeating him. Although his body was lacerated from a score of wounds, he did not look like he would slow. Unable to watch any more, Vance followed Merreck and Jerklenn.

The two Rangers ran just ahead down the narrow alleyway. Vance had only covered a few short metres when he heard the sounds of pursuit. Before he turned the corner, he allowed himself a quick glance over one shoulder. Two Ky'Thain followed, gripping each side of the street as they pulled themselves along like huge, swift insects.

Vance pointed the autopistol and emptied the last few rounds from the clip. The Ky'Thain paused for cover, and Vance sprinted on, dropping the now-useless weapon. Ahead the other Rangers paused, allowing him to catch up. 'Keep moving,' screamed Vance, determined that at least one of them should escape.

'This way,' shouted Jerklenn, urging Vance on as she and Merreck fled once more. Vance followed, allowing himself the occasional glance backward. Despite the Ky'Thain's agility, they did not seem to be superhuman sprinters. They were matching the Rangers' pace though, and no matter how many back alleys they navigated, their pursuers were always there. As Vance turned yet
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