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Ky'Thain's armour.

As soon as the Ky'Thain landed, Vance holstered the autopistol and sprinted forward. He glanced to his right as Merreck also rushed toward them. The Minbari was lucky. Just as he left his post, the double doors imploded and another Ky'Thain warrior burst through. Merreck turned and faced this new warrior, leaving the others to battle their own enemies.

Vance ran at the wounded Ky'Thain as Bakkatt took on his adversary in a twisting, violent dance. All he could hear were Musan Volt's cries for mercy as the Drazi tried to find somewhere to cower. As Vance met his enemy, all doubt left his mind. He previously faced the Ky'Thain with the help of Bakkatt, but he was not phased by the fact he now faced this foe alone. He knew that doubt would only lead to his defeat, and he would not allow himself to be easy prey.

Rivulets of blood ran down the creatures face as it lurched forward, vicious spikes protruding from its wrists. Its left eye was filled with blood, and Vance assumed it was blind on that side. He parried its frenzied attacks and swiftly moved around to flank it. The creature swept its long arms wildly, but Vance easily ducked the predictable blows, countering with a measured stab at the creature's throat. The denn'bok would never damage the creature's carapace if the autopistol rounds bounced off them harmlessly. Vance knew he must find weak spots. The strike hit home, and Vance felt the satisfaction of spongy flesh giving way beneath the strength of his blow. A strangled cry left the Ky'Thain's throat, and it retreated slightly, fury twisting its bloody face. On any other creature such a blow to the throat would have crushed the windpipe, leading to suffocation, but the Ky'Thain was still standing. It stared at Vance, quivering in fury. Then
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