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' said Bakkatt, his voice surprisingly soothing. 'This place is secret, known only to a few of my order.'

'They will find us. I have refused them, turned my back on them. Now they will come to finish me.'

'Fear not. I can send a message to my brethren, and more warriors will come to our aid. All I require is that you tell me all you know of the Ky'Thain. Where are they from, and what are their weaknesses? Tell me, Musan, and I can get you far from here where nobody will find you.'

'You are only a Minbari. How will you protect me?' Volt had managed to stifle his tears, suddenly growing serious. 'What were you doing in my chamber to start with? Are the Minbari spying on us, on the Thath Vorak? How can I trust you? Maybe the Ky'Thain were right, and their masters are not the enemy of the Drazi. It is you and the humans.' Volt glanced quickly at Vance. 'You are in league together. Maybe it is you who want to conquer the galaxy.'

Bakkatt moved like a coiled serpent, so fast it made Vance jump. He grasped Volt's head and placed his fingers under the Drazi's eyes. Moving his own head close to Volt's, he pulled the Drazi's lids down.

'What was in that decanter, Volt?' he asked. 'It has obviously fogged your thinking. The Ky'Thain tried to kill you, and we saved your life. Tell us what you know or we will leave you on this rock to die at their hands.'

Volt gripped the sides of the rickety chair, staring at Bakkatt. 'Alright,' he whispered. 'Just don't leave me here.'

A sudden feeling of sorrow for the old Drazi overwhelmed Vance. He was a big individual, even for his race. Before the flab had set in, he must have borne considerable physical power. His claim about having slain a mighty vo-rath was probably true. Even if it wasn't, no Drazi could rise to Volt's
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