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stopped after they had covered the entire length of the Merchant's Quarter. Vance could see the huge wall at the end of the narrow street, which he assumed was the perimeter wall of the city. 'There,' said Bakkatt, pointing to a scarlet tower that stood on the corner of the street. Its sheer sides were crafted from blood-red marble that shone in the light of the street lamps. 'Volt's home.'

Vance craned his neck to see the top of the tower, which disappeared into the night sky. Several walkways led to it from adjoining buildings, which gave Vance some hope.

Bakkatt searched for something down the maze of streets that led from their position. 'This one will do,' he whispered, moving toward one of the high-sided buildings. When he reached it, the other Rangers at his sides, he ran his hands over its smooth sides. Vance saw his fingers testing the surface, scratching and peeling at various parts of the stone. The smooth plaster flaked under the pressure of Bakkatt's fingers, and a smile soon spread across his face. 'We can scale this,' he said,

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