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'For now we rest. When night comes we will position ourselves in the Merchant's Quarter and see just what this Musan Volt is up to.'

The three Rangers nodded in unison at Bakkatt's plan and hunkered down within their robes as the waning sun travelled across Torvag's impressive skyline. Bakkatt sat motionless, staring at the staircase leading to the roof. Vance watched him for several minutes before he realised the Minbari was meditating. Even with his eyes open, Bakkatt was able to reach a meditative state and keep guard at the same time: another trick he would have to persuade the experienced Anla'shok to teach him.

As their shadows grew longer on the exposed rooftop, the Rangers exchanged glances. Vance's eyes met Mer-reck's, and the Minbari gave him a cursory nod. The comradely gesture surprised Vance, especially considering his blunders in almost allowing Rottik to be killed and then letting him slip away. Nevertheless, Merreck seemed unconcerned, and Vance wondered if the brotherhood of the Anla'shok truly meant more to Merreck than the vendetta of the Sky Riders.

'Now we move,' said Bakkatt. The Rangers immediately jumped to their feet, crouching on the low-sided rooftop. They cautiously descended the stairs and moved into the street, making their way towards the Merchant's Quarter. When they reached the outskirts of the area, Bakkatt stopped them. 'Remember, our descriptions have surely been circulated, and we will not be difficult to spot in the open. Three Minbari and a human is a rare group in Torvag City. Remember what Kattak has taught you.'

Vance felt strangely safe within the confines of his robes. The grey cowl he wore seemed to more than hide his features, as though it made his entire body blend into his surroundings. Of course that was impossible,
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