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the two of them blocking the street.

The sounds of battle died off and were replaced by running feet. Merreck and Bakkatt rounded the corner, sprinting towards the rest of the group. Vance felt relief wash over him as he saw his companions approach, but the look on Bakkatt's grim face made him wary.

'Where is he?' said Bakkatt, motioning toward them. In his apprehension, Vance had turned his back on Rottik. He spun round but already knew the Drazi was gone. Vance silently scolded himself for the second time. Their first encounter on their first mission, and already he had messed up. Twice.

'Never mind,' said Bakkatt, as though reading his thoughts. 'We don't need him. We know the name of Kel-dulan's target. Let's see what this Musan Volt knows.'

Musan Volt

Hot winds blew sheets of dust across Torvag City's rooftops. The four Rangers navigated the roofs of the city's many teeming tenements, surveying the length and breadth of the metropolis. In the distance, the Merchant's Quarter spread out before them, the sole lead in the search for their Ranger brother.

'The assassins sent to find Rottik were most likely Musan Volt's men,' said Bakkatt. 'He somehow knew Rot-tik had information linking him to Keldulan's disappearance and wanted him silenced. Rottik was the target, not us. Volt knows we are here now, though, and he knows we are dangerous. I would expect his security to be extremely vigilant.'

'Should we call reinforcements?' asked Jerklenn.

'We are Anla'shok,' answered Bakkatt with a smile that seemed out of place on his battle-scarred face. 'Breaching impregnable defences is what we are trained for.'

Bakkatt's sudden smile showed Vance that this kind of mission, and being in the thick of it, was what this particular Minbari lived for.
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