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across the sticky floor, but before they were halfway across, the louse-ridden door opened. Three Drazi, their faces grim and their fists holding steel clubs, entered. All locked their eyes on Rottik as soon as they stepped into the room, but they paused when they saw his escorts. The one at the front nodded his head sideways, and the Drazi at the rear sprinted out into the marketplace. 'Hand him over, Minbari. Don't want to crack those bony heads, do we?'

'He's gone for reinforcements,' said Jerklenn, ignoring the Drazi's demands.

'We must act quickly,' replied Bakkatt, releasing his grip on Rottik.

Before the Drazi could bring his weapon to bear, Bakkatt produced his denn'bok and smashed him halfway across the room. Merreck and Vance quickly revealed their own weapons, but Jerklenn was faster. The second Drazi snarled as he lurched forward, but the butt of Jerklenn's weapon struck his flat face, full on. No need to check if the Drazi were going to get up again anytime soon, thought Vance. The Rangers seized Rottik and rushed passed their prone assailants.

Out in the street the marketplace still buzzed with life. The Rangers burst from the drinking den, taking a moment to survey the scene. Danger approached from several directions as more angry Drazi made their way purposefully between the stalls. Rottik's head swivelled in panic. Vance was pleased to see at least one Drazi who did not seem to relish violence as much as his brethren.

'Take Rottik,' ordered Bakkatt, thrusting the frightened Drazi towards Vance. 'We will make a path. Stick close behind.'

Bakkatt walked forward, flanked by Merreck and Jerklenn, as the first three Drazi stormed forward. In a flurry of denn'bok blows, all three of the Drazi fell, and the group began to move through the marketplace.
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